Mtaji Credit Facility Ltd from Tanzania

Mtaji Credit Facility (MCF) is company limited by guarantee, a non- government organization (NGO), incorporated under the Company’s Act No. 12 of 2002 in Tanzania.

  • To create and or strengthen moral values geared towards assisting the poor in uplifting their quality of lives through support of their economic endeavours through loans;
  • To mobilise and invest human talent, technology, and financial resources in economic development programs in Tanzania which are geared to the contribution of development and the creation of sustainable business enterprises and employment opportunities;
  • To assist, by economic, and educational means the uplifting of standards of living of the people of Tanzania and throughout the world and the doing of all such other things as are incidental, or conducive to the attainment of the said objective
  • To promote personal development and economic opportunities for the people of Tanzania;
Pursuant to the above objectives, the company is currently engaged in raising capital that can be lent to individuals and groups to finance working capital requirements on a microfinance basis.

To educate Small Micro-enterprise (SMEs) with business skills and facilitate them in accessing financial services through intermediation for income generation for family for life

MCF Ltd believes in poverty free society where all people have the dignity of being able to provide for family needs though building a sustainable income generating business in order to escape poverty and the source to be within locally-owned institutions rather than dependent on charity for survival.