Yehu Microfinance Trust from Kenya

Yehu Microfinance Trust (YMT) is a microfinance institution in the coastal region of Kenya that provides financial and other support services to the rural social-economically marginalized entrepreneurs.

History of Yehu Microfinance Trust
Yehu Microfinance Trust was founded in 1998 as a project of CHOICE Humanitarian Kenya, an International NGO based in the United States which focuses on ending poverty through sustainable community development.. From the beginning, Yehu had a strong focus on low income rural entrepreneurs and primarily women of Kenya and was dedicated to providing them with the appropriate products and services to better their economic position . The program began by mobilizing member savings from 300 members, and in 2000 started issuing loans from the member savings.

After a steady growth in its lending operations serving 4 districts (Kwale, Kilindini, Mombasa and sections of Kilifi District) by end of 2006,  Yehu became a separated entity from CHOICE and was registered as a Trust in July 2007. Since then, Yehu has expanded to 7 branches , covering 4 of the 6 Coastal counties (Kwale, Kilifi, Mombasa, Taita Taveta).

To become the leading Microfinance institution in the region that responsively and cost-effectiveky provides sustainable financial services to socio-economically marginalize rural entrepreneurs.

To empower rural socio-economically marginalized entrepreneurs (primarily women)  through rnhanced accessibility to sustainable financial services.

Yehu targets rural entrepreneurs in Kenya’s region, with a keen focus on women. Yehu offers several “responsive” credit products, through the Grameen group lending methodology. The flexible features of these products help to mitigate particular challenges faced by the clients’ agricultural-based activities.

  • Provide profitable, sustainable and customer-focused financial services to the largest number of low income individuals and small scale entrepreneurs in Kenya.
  • Optimized Operational Efficiency
  • Develop Capable and Performance Driven Workforce
  • Enhanced Product Offering and Customer Service
  • Quantitative and qualitative portfolio growth
  • Enhanced Board Capability and Management Leadership
  • Enhanced visibility of the social focus
Contact Details
Yehu Microfinance Trust
Off Tom Mboya Avenue, Buxton
Tel +254-41-2492589/98
P.O Box 82120, Mombasa – 80100,
Mombasa, Kenya.